About Us

We looked at the Network Marketing Industry and realised there was a huge gap in the market place for a unique team building system. We were also aware that the Network Marketing industry suffers from a huge dropout & failure rate of 92% Fact.


Meaning only a small percentage really make a good income from this amazing industry. And amazing it really is if you can build the team.


The normal process is as follows for most that join the Network Marketing Industry.


1. Look at a number of network opportunities.

2. Carryout your due diligence on your chosen network opportunity

3. Join and pay your joining fee

4. Set about building your team


Most people go down the 1-2-3-4 route, but 4 is where 92% fall down, and it normally means that most will leave their opportunity before building the much needed team, they burn out, never getting sponsoring momentum.


But what happens if we turn this process on its head? Why not build the team BEFORE you join a rock solid Network Marketing Opportunity.


Would that not be a more sensible route to go down?


To do this we had to put together a professional team, a team that could set up this unique system we needed a team structure programming, training & support, potential commission programming, many elements to make sure World Team Builder could be used to build the ultimate team


Our team is made up of a number of qualified computer programmers, Network Marketers and Affiliates Marketers, all have brought their skills to World Team Builder to put together the ultimate World Team Builder system.


First, we needed to find the right Network Marketing Opportunity that ticked all of the boxes  

  • A Global Opportunity  
  • A product that has global appeal  
  • Multiple income streams  
  • Daily Payout
  • Paid Direct to your own debit card, Bitcoin account, Bank  
  • $2,000 to $10,000 Income in the first month

These were the very basics we needed to offer a World Team Member.

Next, we had put together the most unique system we could and this is fully explained in the tab “How it Works”

You will be able to use our unique system for FREE to build your Global team. No matter which country you live in, this opportunity & system will work for you.